ANWEN Braccoli oil for high porosity hair 30ml


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Unrefined oil, cold pressed. Glass bottle with a pipette. It is best to keep in the fridge.

In the composition of broccoli oil you will find, above all, a large amount of monounsaturated erucic acid from the omega-9 group. This acid due to its long chains creates a film on the hair similar to the one that silicones leave. The hair after using it is therefore more shiny, slippery and smooth just like after silicones. Perfect for care of skin that is mature or exposed to air pollution.


Ways to use:
1. Apply more oil to unwashed dry or wet hair. Leave for min. 30 minutes, then wash with shampoo as usual.
2. Apply a small amount of oil (1-2 drops) to the ends of washed, damp hair.
3. Apply a small amount of oil to face or body and massage in a circular motion.

INCI: Unrefined cold pressed oil.

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