Dr. SANTÉ Cream hair mask Argan oil and keratin 300ml


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The active ingredients of the preparation are argan oil obtained from the seeds of the argan tree growing in Morocco and keratin, the basic material from which the hair is made. Such a set of active ingredients regenerates the hair in three stages:
1.strengthens the hair surface,
2.It penetrates into the protective layer of the hair,
3. penetrates and absorbs deep into the hair cortex.
This gives the effect noticeable after the first use of the shampoo: it makes it easier to detangle the hair, restores its shine and softness, reduces hair breakage.
Systematic use of the preparation makes the hair pleasant to the touch and more resistant to the negative influence of external factors.

How to use: apply the amount of shampoo appropriate to the volume of hair at the roots and then spread over their entire length. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Use the treatment once a week.

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