Dr. SANTÉ Hair Shampoo Argan Oil and Keratin 250ml


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The shampoo contains a number of valuable, proven ingredients that are extremely useful in hair care. The recipes of the” Argan Hair “series contain an addition of oil obtained from the seeds of the argan tree growing in Morocco. It has unique properties of rebuilding the hair structure from the outside and inside, which prevents it from splitting. Moreover, it smoothes the surface of the hair and prevents it from drying out. The shampoo also contains wheat proteins and keratin, the basic component of the hair structure. These ingredients additionally protect the hair against the negative effects of external factors and increase the elasticity and strength of the hair. The shampoo effectively cleanses the hair, gives it lightness and restores healthy look.

How to use: apply the right amount of shampoo to wet hair and massage gently until foam forms. Then rinse with water and repeat the treatment if necessary.

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