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Body massage is one of the techniques to improve the health condition and appearance of our skin. In the Far East, for hundreds of years, facial massage is performed using specially polished semi-precious stones, most often rose quartz, amethyst or jade. gained recognition in the countries of Europe and America, when it was convinced of its effectiveness. The chill felt on the face during massage with the use of natural stone closes the pores in the skin, increases blood flow through the capillaries, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. regenerate, which significantly improves its condition and tension Massage also ensures better absorption of other face care products.

The relaxing nature of the massage is of great importance for improving the appearance of the skin, thanks to which the facial muscles relax and fine wrinkles become less visible. Thanks to the relaxing nature of the massage and the possibility of, for example, watching a movie or listening to music, there are no objective obstacles to its systematic and frequent performance. Regularity of massage is of great importance for obtaining positive effects, which are: reduction of puffiness and shadows under the eyes, firm and smoother skin, loosened and relaxed muscles, less visible wrinkles. Stone roller massage (roller) stimulates lymph flow, which makes it easier to get rid of toxins from the body. The recommended roller consists of two rotating rollers made of beautiful, polished pink quartz, called in China “” stone of love “”. The rollers are mounted on a handle also made of pink quartz, in a housing made of a zinc alloy. They are equipped with silicone inserts ensuring silent rotation of the rollers. The larger roller is used to massage the face, neck or hands, the smaller one is used to massage the nose and under the eyes.

The rollers may slightly differ in size and color: from colorless, almost transparent, to slightly milky, pink. However, they show the same effectiveness.

Before performing the massage, you should thoroughly clean your face. It is also advisable to cool the roller in the refrigerator and spread a few drops of your oil or serum on your face.

ATTENTION! Roller do not freeze!

Each roller’s move should be repeated 5 to 10 times.

1.Stage one – neck. The massage begins from the supraclavicular area of ​​the neck in order to activate the lymph flow in the lymphatic canal. Pull the roller gently from the base of the neck
up towards the chin.
2. Stage two – chin. From the center of the chin, slide the roller towards the back of the ear.
3. Stage three – jaw. Move the roller from the chin towards the ear. Make several movements from the ear down towards the supraclavicular nodes.
4. Stage four – cheeks. Move the roller slightly from the nose upwards and outwards towards the ear.
5. Stage five – under the eyes. Slide the smaller side of the roller gently (very sensitive skin) from the inner corner of the eye towards the ear.
6. Stage six, the last – forehead. It starts from the point between the eyebrows, pointing the roller upwards, towards the hairline, then towards the ear to direct the toxins down towards the lymph nodes.

After use, the roller should be cleaned with a damp cloth and kept out of the reach of children.

Material: rollers – natural pink quartz; housing – zinc alloy; silent inserts – silicone.

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