FOUR STARLINGS SOAPMAKERS Linen bag for soap/shampoo bar 1 piece


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A bag for a soap bar or a shampoo bar is the perfect option for those who aren’t big fans of soap dishes in the shower and are looking for a more convenient method of storing soap or shampoo bars. A bar placed in a “breathable” bag with a pendant is a nice solution not only because of the convenience of storage. A linen, soft, quick-drying bag with the bar inside – you can soak it under water and soap it directly in your hands. A lot of foam escapes through the gently openwork fabric, and whatever is left in the bag you can easily “squeeze” out of it and use it afterwards. So nothing goes to waste. This option is very useful especially when you already have a small tip of the bar or a crushed shampoo and you don’t know how to handle it best to use it to the very end 🙂

When creating the starlings’ bags, we knew that, first of all, we want to sew them in Poland, and secondly, we want to use a natural fabric, yet possibly resistant to the development of various types of bacteria. This is one of the reasons why the choice fell on flax. It is pleasant to touch, durable and resistant to abrasion. What is more, it has anti-allergic and antifungal properties. The bag is machine washable at 40°.

Material: 100% natural linen knit (undyed) made in Poland

Dimensions: 13×10,5 cm

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