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By creating the soap of Love, we have been confident that we are producing something that we are making a bestseller. First of all, we already know that our liquid soap’s consistency and quality are a real hit. It’s ideally rich, so it foams perfectly even with just a small amount. The glass bottle with a capacity of 500 ml is sufficient for a very long time. To all of this, it comes with your favorite fragrance, the scent composition of Love oil. This endeavor could not fail.

Love (like the rest of our liquid soaps) foams perfectly, is ideally rich, and it comes in the form of a nice gel – so it’s also very efficient. A drop is enough to wash your hands thoroughly. And, not just hands, because Love is also a good shower gel. Not only because of its convenient texture but above all because of its insanely intense fragrance. Those who know the scent notes of our Love Massage Oil already know what to expect. The first fragrance is a pleasant, grapefruity, sweet-bitter, and refreshing note. Later on, the more oriental incenses kick in patchouli oil, interwoven with the ylang-ylang oil’s aroma. It’s one of our and our customers’ favorite fragrance compositions. Stimulating, fresh, and at the same time pleasantly sensual.  We already know that this is a soap that will be an ideal addition to the best-selling Love Massage Oil.  Glycerin, which is the base of the soap, is a natural humectant – it moisturizes the skin, softens it, and reduces any tight skin feeling. In our soap, we combined the Glycerin with simple, classic oils: Coconut and olive oil. It nourishes and protects the skin preventing excessive drainage and therefore help to protect it from over-drying. The betaine in the soap is a surface-active agent – it has cleansing properties, but it also softens and smoothes the skin. Decyl glucoside also has washing and emulsifying properties, while it also helps foam stability. The soap is one of the most gentle, non-irritating detergents, which can be used by people with skin problems and children.

Liquid soap is our response to requests from customers who are not keen on soap bars. It may be a matter of hygiene, convenience, or maybe you prefer liquid formulas. But when we were working on this product, we tried to also take into account all the environmental issues. Therefore, the soap foams well with only a small amount of application and rinses easily without the need for a lot of water. We distribute the soap into glass bottles that you can refill at our retail stores or buy large refill packs.

Plant Glycerin – has moisturizing and softening properties; and helps with thickening.
Cocamidopropyl betaine – a surface-active agent extracted from fatty acids from sugar beet and coconut; has cleansing, softening, and conditioning properties.
Coconut oil  – antibacterial, nutritious, and helps maintain natural skin tension.
Olive oil  – makes the skin soft, firm, and smooth. It helps to maintain optimal moisture content.
Decyl glucoside  – a biodegradable non-ionic surface-active agent with washing, foaming, and emulsifying properties; it is extracted from the fatty alcohols obtained from coconut oil and glucose extracted maize; it is one of the most delicate, non-irritating detergents.
Grapefruit essential oil of the cruise-pro football – acts as a catalyst, energy, tonic, and analgesic.
Patchouli essential oil – good for skin problems (acne, eczema, scars), anti-edema, anti-depressive effects, and a natural aphrodisiac.
Ylang-ylang essential oil – an aphrodisiac often used in aromatherapy, supports the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, and reduces stress.

Composition: Saponified: Glycerol, betaine of cocamidopropyl, coconut oil, decyl glucoside, olive oil, Grapefruit essential oil, pachuli essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil.

INCI: Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Potas Cocoate, Decision Glucoside, Potas Oliprivate, Citrus Padisi Peel Oil, Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil, Cananga Odorata Leaf Oil, Limonene*. *-the natural ingredients of essential oils


Cosmetic without preservatives.
Vegan cosmetic – a product created without use of raw materials of animal origin.

Apply a small amount of the product to the damp skin of your hand, spread gently over the surface, and rinse thoroughly with water.

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