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Natural Spruce and Cinnamon Sugar Scrub is a renaissance…genius in many fields. It amazes, and the order is random: with its scent (a sweet-woody-spicy aroma of spruce, cinnamon, and cloves), its action (extreme skin regeneration combined with nourishment, lubrication, and softening) and its visual appeal (nutty brown with visible raw material particles). Believe me – All You Want For Christmas Is… this one. But not only! Its winter aroma surprisingly proved itself during tests in the hottest months of the year, so we don’t classify it as a seasonal offer, and the scrub instead of landing in the seasonal offer, it lands in this year-round one. All-year-round friendship!

The name itself suggests who we are dealing with. The title Spruce and Cinnamon (in the form of natural essential oils) in the company of ground cloves really do the job. What a scent! It is perhaps closest to our Spicy Cola and Winter Soap, but the presence of sugar emphasizes the specificity of the aroma, which we spontaneously attributed to the foaming Zozole candy with the taste of a popular carbonated drink. With the difference that everything here is in the healthiest and most natural form. Of course (despite possible consternation) for external use only.

Spruce here blesses us with something resinous, balsamic, coniferous, and fresh, cinnamon adds notes of spiciness, warmth, and deliciousness, while cloves are simply festive, spicy, but also sensuous. In a word: a fairytale.

And just to make sure it’s not just a scent. Essential oils, in addition to their fragrant properties, also carry care and health properties. Spruce oil has a refreshing, stimulating, and energizing effect, while cinnamon has a relaxing, calming, and… tempting effect. Because it is a strong aphrodisiac! Clove, on the other hand, does not lag behind and as an antioxidant offers to inhibit the process of skin aging, and additionally nourishes and warms it up. Inside there is also yellow clay, carrying a package of cleansing (it copes very well with narrowing enlarged pores!).

The exfoliating properties of the product are due to both sugar particles and ground nuts, which perfectly exfoliate dead skin and are a natural enemy of cellulite. The cosmetic product should be regularly massaged into the skin, which will improve its firmness, elasticity, smoothness, and stimulate circulation. Such a massage, in addition to health benefits, brings a lot of pleasure – real relaxation and regeneration in the privacy of your own bathroom. The best.

It’s already good, and it will only get better. The content of nutritious oils makes Spruce and Cinnamon an ideal cosmetic for lazy care enthusiasts – its application means that you can safely skip the body balm stage because the scrub will do it for you, taking on nourishment and lubrication, as well as leaving a light (albeit nutritious) layer, allowing you to forget what the feeling of tightness or dryness is.

Scrub can be used on the entire body, but it’s worth checking beforehand if it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, due to the presence of cinnamon essential oil. We added it very carefully (plus our personal tests didn’t raise any concerns), but cinnamon can sometimes play tricks on people with very sensitive skin, so it’s better to be cautious. And we don’t apply it to the face!

Directions for use:

Apply the scrub to your hands using the included spatula. Try to do it in a way that water doesn’t get into the jar. Massage it intensively into your whole body, then rinse with warm water. The scrub will leave a protective layer on your skin. The product is composed of ingredients that have warming and intensive exfoliating properties. They can cause redness of the skin. Do not use the cosmetic on your face.

INCI: Sucrose, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Powder, Illite, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Juglans Regia Shell Powder, Glycerin, Picea Mariana Leaf Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Euphorbia Cerifera Cera, Kaolin, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Oil, Limonene, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Cinnamal, Eugenol, Linalool, D-Limonene

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