NACOMI Jojoba Oil unrefined 50ml with pipette


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The perfect cosmetic for owners of combination skin. Jojoba oil is made from the fruit of an evergreen shrub that grows in desert and semi-arid areas. It is gold – yellow liquid, resistant to oxidation and heat, with a slightly nutty smell. Liquid at room temperature, it becomes dull and harder in colder temperatures. 100% natural and unrefined, which means that it has been cold pressed and has all its beneficial ingredients. It contains saturated and unsaturated alcohols, squalene, A, E and F vitamins, phytosterols, fatty acids and myristic acid.

Jojoba oil adapts to the type of our skin, so it is perfect for people with combination and acne skin. He himself recognizes where our skin needs hydration, and where sebum production is regulated. It is quickly absorbed, perfectly moisturizes, helps in the fight against stretch marks, for all skin types. It does not go rancid and has natural and powerful antioxidants in its composition, which is why it can be stored in its form for 25 years and does not change its parameters.

It can be used to care for the face and the whole body. It is also perfect for massage and hair care. It should be remembered that the oil should be applied to the hair or scalp for about half an hour before washing the head.

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