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The oil is especially recommended for mature skin and for the care of the skin around the eyes. Absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. It is also useful for acne-prone skin as well as for pregnant women who use massage for stretch marks. The oil is useful for people with frequent skin inflammations. The composition of the oil consists mainly of omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids and vitamins C and E. Fatty acids supplement the deficiencies of elements in the protective hydrolipid barrier, which ensures proper skin hydration.

Vitamins C and E are very strong antioxidants, they inhibit skin aging processes, reduce the first wrinkles. Vitamin C reduces discoloration caused by UV rays and soothes inflammation. Flavonoids are helpful in the treatment of acne and also have an antioxidant effect. The ingredients of marula oil support the complex process of collagen and elastin production by the skin tissue, which increases skin elasticity. The effect of skin care with marula oil is the reduction of wrinkles (especially the first ones), as well as smoothing and softening the skin. The oil also gives good results in nail care.

How to use:
Marula oil can be used for daily body care or as a supplement to periodic treatments. For everyday care, it can be applied under the eyes and gently massaged, which reduces dark circles and wrinkles. Good results will also be achieved by applying a small amount of oil to the moist skin of the face, neck and décolleté and gently patting it in or massaging it in. The oil can also be used as a make-up base and as a regenerative treatment after intensive treatments, e.g. with acids. The oil is also used for periodic hand care – once a week, in the evening, massage a larger amount of the oil into your hands and put on cotton gloves at night.

INCI: Marula oil 100%

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