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Dry brushing is a fantastic way to have a firm, smooth and healthy body. The key is a well-selected brush – the harder bristles, the more effective brushing. Resibo body brush has an ergonomic shape and has hard bristles made of sisal. It is a perfect choice!

The dry massage brush has an ergonomic, oval shape and is made with an exceptionally hard sisal bristles. Dry massage with a brush is the most effective when the bristles are hard. Brush your body regularly and you’ll see a considerable difference.

What happens when you brush your skin regularly?

–    Unclogged pores make it easy for skin to breathe and supply it with oxygen
–    Your skin looks younger and more radiant
–    Your skin gets firmer
–    The colour of your skin is even
–    MOST IMPORTANT – cellulite decreases!

Better well-being

Removing dead epidermis with the brush supports natural regeneration mechanisms, and makes skin ready for absorbing active substances from body lotions. Additionally, dry brushing unblocks energy flow in your body, stimulating internal organs to work. As a point of interest, such treatment prevents you from chronic fatigue and even from depression!

Why Resibo body brush?

Because of its bristles. Dry massage with a brush is the most effective when the bristles are hard. Our brush has exceptionally hard bristles from sisal, which provides a really powerful massage. Moreover, it is oval, so very comfortable to hold in your hand.

It is for everybody – if you need strong firming treatment, but also if you just want to act preventively in order to take care of your skin. Body brushing is especially useful if you suffer from ingrown hairs after depilation.

Massage your whole body with a dry brush, going upwards, to stimulate better work of lymph vessels. Focus on problematic areas, like thighs, buttocks and belly, but be gentle while massaging your belly and other sensitive areas. Have a shower, dry your skin with a towel and apply Specialist Slimming Body Lotion. Enjoy healthy, firm and flexible skin. Remember it is a natural product and needs special attention. After each brushing session wipe the bristles with clean hand. Once in 10 days wash it with warm water, preferably with a few drops of a tea tree oil, known for bactericidal and properties. Next, place it, bristles down, on a water absorbing towel and leave it to dry in an airy place.

Beechwood – 85%, sisal – 15%

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